Regen Waters was established in 1986, to perform chemical and bacteriological analyses on water samples. The Operation and Maintenance of domestic and sewage purification plants forms part of our expertise.  The laboratory provides monitoring services to different industries, mining companies and municipalities as regards the chemical and bacteriological analysis of different water samples. The resultant analyses are interpreted and the necessary recommendations made accordingly.

Regen Waters Laboratory obtained  SANAS (South African National Accreditation System Accreditation) ( T0156) for  Chemical analysis of water samples during October 2003, SANAS confirmed that the laboratory complied with the requirements of ISO 17025 for specific methods of analysis. Regen Waters has maintained continuous accreditation since this date. The accreditation was awarded after a full technical audit.

The laboratory is well-equipped with highly sophisticated instrumentation for the necessary chemical analyses. The Laboratory make use of different equipment to perform these tests, such as Spectroscopy, Distillation,     ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry)   ICP- MS ( Mass Spectrometry), GC – MS (Gas Chromatography), etc.

The Bacteriological section, performs microbiological tests on water samples in order to determine if contamination has occurred. This is especially important in the case of drinking water and sewage outflow.  Sewage effluent qualities are monitored on a regular basis to determine the effectiveness of Chlorination and plant performance.  Regen Waters obtained SANAS Accreditation for its Microbiological section during August 2010. Regular audits are performed by SANAS in order to ensure the quality of chemical and bacteriological analyses.

Analyses are performed by qualified personnel (B.Sc. Degree and/or National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry.

This laboratory is a member of an Inter-laboratory Comparison Study, as conducted by the SABS (Water Technology) as regards chemical analyses.  Regen Waters also participates in microbiological proficiency testing as conducted by the National Laboratory Association (NLA) which maintains international links.

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